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The Jaras Rig

The rack that I am using in this video is for bench regulation. You do not need this type of rack to do a regulation but you will if you want to bench regulate. Sometimes I will do the complete regulation inside the piano, then just use the table to set the drop. For this … Read more The Jaras Rig

Make or Purchase the Rapid Tools

First, the web site is no longer active. (I probably mention this a lot in the videos, but I deleted the site when I opened the APTN site) Buy Rapid Voicer Book – CLICK HERE Buy Rapid Voicer Tools – CLICK HERE Make your own Rapid Tools – CLICK HERE

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Once you are certified, you can be listed in the APTN site which will help you along the way by providing links back to your local web site. To get listed and featured on the APTN site, complete the online form It’s about to get really awesome! Using this information, we are going to be … Read more NEW Membership Questionnaire