Pastors and Pianos

NEW! Scholarships for bi-vocational ministry leaders. 

We’re honored that you would consider partnering with us as we provide bi-vocational ministry leaders with the skills and business plan to create income and free up time for ministry.  Piano tuning is a high paid creative skilled trade which allows our graduates to earn well over $100 per hour while working with a flexible schedule.  Their focus can be on ministry while they use piano tuning to create a sustainable income for their family and serve their local church without financial worries.  

Your gift of any size, one-time or monthly, will go toward fulfilling our mission to train and support bi-vocational ministry leaders for financial success and sustainable part time ministry. 
Your gift will help Apex Piano accomplish the following goals:

  • Personally mentor bi-vocational pastors, worship leaders, and ministry leaders to become competent piano tuners.
  • Support bi-vocational ministry leaders as they build strong secondary income through their local piano tuning business so they can serve their local church without financial worries. 
  • Offer scholarships and tools to bi-vocational ministry leaders to complete their Apex training and certification.  
  • With your support, we can continually release quality content to support and train future piano technicians, and add to our YouTube channel which already has over 1 million views.
As we continue to train and support bi-vocational ministry leaders toward success, will you consider partnering with us as we move forward in 2024.  Become a partner and share in the joy of training and supporting strong and successful bi-vocational ministry leaders.