A complete online mentorship to become a successful piano tuner!

"Eric did a fantastic job. He is kind, talented and extremely professional."
Fireose & BIlly Ray Cyrus
"The very first time Eric Roberts worked on my piano I could tell he’s the best. More than just a master tuner and technician - he makes my piano sing. Eric has an undefinable musical gift and is able to make any instrument better just by giving it his unique attention. I’ve played on several pianos he worked on in other studios and the difference he made in them is undeniable."
Michael Webb, Pianist for Hank Williams Jr.


The Apex program includes online courses, mentorship, social community, webinars, resources and certification
to help launch your career as a professional certified piano technician.

Learn and master the art of tuning a piano without years of struggle.  I show you how to become proficient tuning quickly so you can start your business soon.  

Learn the secrets to field voicing so you can make the piano sound smooth and amazing.  

Launch your own business and a perfect online presence and boost your business to the top of Google so you can get a steady stream of income as a piano tuner in your local area.

Develop your high end technical skills as you learn to change strings, measure and order custom bass strings, and make perfect windings every time. 

There are many tuners that never learn the precise skill of regulation so they never bring up the topic with their clients.  When you master this specialized skill you can upsell single day jobs that pay over $1,000. 

There is always a sticking key! I’ll show you how to repair all of the most common things in the field so you can make even more money on every job.  

Offer piano cleaning when you launch your new piano tuning business and you will increase your revenue by thousands per year.  Piano cleaning is easy to do when you use my simple method and have the right tools. 

HUGE BONUS!!! This is the place where you will connect with me and other students in the APTN program.  It’s an interactive social community platform where you can chat, comment, post, and attend LIVE zoom events inside the Bostr community  You can even download the mobile app and stay connected on the go!  

NEW! I want to help you crush your competition and make a beautiful full time income in your new business.  Join this BONUS BOOTCAMP and follow along with me in the bootcamp where I will personally help you implement the online system I use to get clients and make over $100,000 per year tuning pianos! 

Personal Mentorship

I had the best mentors (the piano wizards) when I started and now my team is coming alongside you in your journey.  I’ll help you on your journey through the only personalized online piano mentorship available in this industry.  

Get Certification, CPT

No other piano trade organization offers a more streamlined process which allows you to join, certify and grow like the APTN!  Proudly add the CPT designation to your business and name to increase credibility and grow your business.

Tools & Supplies Connection

In the first week, I will show you how to open accounts with the top piano suppliers in the world and how to order all professional tools at inside industry prices, saving you thousands off retail for the top pro tools and supplies you need to run your business including (strings, tools, supplies… and everything you could ever need to be a full service piano technician)

Plus I’ll give you a link for a free version of Tunelab app so you can start right away using an electronic tuning device. 

BONUS: Mentorship Videos

Videos from Eric in the field covering topics including Tuning, Repairs, Regulation, Voicing, Business/Marketing, and other up close video topics that you could never learn in a traditional school.  This is the one-on-one wizard stuff I learned from my mentors over many years that make me a successful field tech. 

Social Connection

I have built an amazing social connection platform where you can connect with me and other students in the mentorship.  It works just like Facebook plus includes additional courses, livestreams, video answers and instant chat anytime!  Ask your questions, leave your comments, and even upload your own pictures and videos to the community.  (Yes, we have a FB group too, but this is an exclusive member only social connection just for members and alumni)

About Your Mentor

Eric Michael Roberts, Master Piano Technician

Eric has a BA in Music Education and is a graduate from the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology. Eric is the lead technician for the Nashville, TN Apex team. Eric is also a fanatical educator, author, and trainer in the piano technology field with over a half a million views on one of the most popular YouTube channels for piano technology.  In 2009 he wrote and published the popular Rapid Voicer training book/video series with Dr. Jack Hamilton which is being used across the world to help technicians understand and perform field voicing. Eric also designed the SHARK tuning hammer which is the first carbon fiber tuning hammer to use unique weight distribution to make the tuning process faster and easier.  Eric’s tools are being used by technicians all over the world including Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Poland, Czechia, Switzerland, Norway, Cyprus, Taiwan and Hawaii. The SHARK was recently seen on an episode of the Nextflix series The First (with Sean Penn) when a piano technician was cast as extra in the episode. In 2019, Eric relocated to Nashville, TN where he is currently training 2 more technicians to serve artists, studios, and families in Music City


EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED!  No additional costs!  All the past courses and videos session plus all new content added monthly!  You have instant access to the full lineup of online courses here on the APTN platform plus a social connection app where you can chat with others taking the program.  You will take the courses online at your own pace and participate in the weekly conversation on the social connection.  You will also have access to special livestream webinars and the APTN Resource Hub where you can download technical papers, read articles, watch past livestreams, and get my special marketing materials to help you start your own business. 

You could start tuning for pay within 6 months!  The full Apex mentorship lasts 1 year.  After 1 year, you can extend your mentorship for just $99 per year.  You can stay in the mentorship for as long at it takes!

You will learn how to tune a piano to a professional level using an ETD (professional electronic tuning device).  You will also learn to repair pianos in the field, regulate and voice, and build your own business from the ground up including launching your own web site.  You will learn how to get customers and implement an online booking engine in your site that will allow you to grow your business successfully in a short time using my proven marketing techniques.  I’ll show you how to avoid mistakes and quickly accomplish your goals to become a successful piano tuner and make great money doing something you love!

No, but can get all of the basic tools you need to get your tuning certification for under $100.  The mentorship does include special access to the 2 major piano tuning supply houses.  Access to these two supply houses is for professional piano tuners only.  When you enroll in the mentorship, you will gain access to setup your account and order tools at industry only wholesale prices direct from the supply house.  As you grow your business you will be able to buy all of your tools and supplies at wholesale prices.  Along the way I’ll will provide you with my special list of the most important tools you need for each skill you are learning including regulation and voicing.  

No, you do not need to find a local mentor.  You can learn everything you need to start and run your own successful piano tuning business right here in the Apex mentorship.  Sure, it helps to have some great friends and connections in the business, and I’ll help you find those, but you do not need a local mentor to be successful and complete the certification process… I am your mentor!

Great question!  You will need help along the way and I am here here you!  You simply open a chat in the social connection or send me a direct text.  You are never alone in the Apex mentorship.  You can also talk to others in the program in the social app which is a huge help on the journey. 

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