Tunelab for Beginners

This is a basic overview for how to use the tunelab app to tune pianos. You can get a free version of the app for windows at https://www.tunelab-world.com/

This is one of the best apps for you to use when you are starting out learning to tune with the Apex Way.

Also, in addition to these videos, check the videos on the TuneLab youtube playlist here.

2 thoughts on “Tunelab for Beginners”

  1. Just a note: I have epilepsy. TuneLab is a godsend. The Accu-Tuner is not an option because the red lights function as a strobe light which even in it’s small form is irritating. TuneLab, with the movement going one direction and being black and white is not a problem at all. I don’t know if this issue has ever arisen in your experience, but I wish I would have known that this career path was available much earlier in my adult life. It would have helped in so many ways. Thank you so much.

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