4 thoughts on “Setting the Offset – Intermediate”

  1. I’ve been using Tune Lab for a while . How do you set the offset when it’s 200 + cents flat ? I’ve found it can’t cope with hearing the notes or registers a completely different note . Also it can give quite sharp readings for anything from C5 upwards and similarily bass note stretch can sound weird as well . Are these things covered more in the course ?

  2. If I’m going to practice on a baby grand that hasn’t been tuned for 15 years, should I find an average offset and tune to that all the way up and down? I’m nervous about trying to mess with it and pulling it all up before I know what I’m doing?!?

    • David.

      In the course I’ll be walking through all of this. So yes you can just practice your unisons right where the piano is now. Then once you understand pitch raise and tension you can do that part.

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