Mentorship Categories

Here you will find the master categories in the APTN mentorship.  They are video lessons and clips (some in the field, some in the studio) to help you learn the Apex Way for piano tuning, servicing, and business practices. Click on the category to get started and you will find the videos and lessons within the posts.  Many require a membership to view. 

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When you learn to tune the Apex Way, you can earn a high reputation, tune many pianos, and grow a successful business.  Learn our proven method in 3-6 months and start your business very soon!   


The first day you start tuning in the field you will be faced with repairs… big and small.  We show you how to tackle them all with simple techniques and real life examples from the field.  


When you can regulate a piano well, you can increase your income dramatically and use the skills to keep your clients happy and the piano playing beautifully. 


Don’t be afraid… Learn the techniques you need to be great at voicing and use it as a tool to increase your customer satisfaction and grow a strong reputation as being an amazing piano technician.

Business and Marketing

Learn how we run our successful Apex business in two markets.  We show you the techniques we use to keep a constant flow of high paying work coming into our companies in Nashville, Tennessee and Dayton, Ohio. 


Various topics on piano technology, client relations, business practices, tips, tricks, and more.