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New to the piano trade?  Start here! 

Any part time, full time, or piano technician in training can register for membership with the APTN.  Once your payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email.  Give us a few days to complete your registration and then you will receive a welcome email.  This email will include all of the information you need to help you get the most out of the member benefits including, member discount codes, high-resolution APTN logos, instruction on how to print your membership documents and how to access member-only content and products to help you grow your skills and business.  You will also receive a member interview form that will allow us to write and publish a blog post to highlight your business on the APTN site!  (The feature blog post is optional but it will boost your online exposure and help your own web site search optimization so we highly recommend you complete this step!)

What is a CPT (Certified Piano Technician) 

CPT is the highest level of professional membership available in the APTN.  A CPT has mastered the art of tuning with a an ETD (Electronic Tuning Device) or with aural methods.  A CPT is also familiar with the most important repairs, regulation methods, and field voicing techniques and is able to perform them with skill in the field. 

There is nothing better for you to display on your website, business cards and promotional materials than that you have been Certified by the Apex Piano Technicians International.   

Ready to become a CPT?

There is no charge for members to take the CPT test. The CPT test is a no nonsense test that can be completed online and includes three elements in this order:

  1. Online Test: Simple online test/questionnaire on Tuning, Regulating/Relair and Voicing.
  2. Tuning Test: Tune a complete piano and submit your video via Vimeo or YouTube.  

If you are not ready for CPT status, we offer you assistance via the APTN mentorship program.  The CPT test is a simple pass fail  if you do not pass the first time, you can retake the test in 90 days.  During that time we encourage you to join the APTN mentorship so we can help you pass the test and become certified.  It’s our goal to help you get there in the shortest time possible.  We offer the CPT status as a benefit to our members who desire to have certification to help build their business and reputation as a legitimate and professional piano technician.  

Retired Techs and Industry Veterans 

If you are a veteran in the industry and would like to acquire CPT status, please simply tell us your story in the online contact form and we will send you a simple expedited and discounted lifetime membership to become a member of the APTN.  We value your experience and you are welcome here in this community.  We also realize that you hold many secrets in the industry and wisdom that the next generation needs to know.