CPT Membership

This course includes the links and downloads for all Certified Piano Technicians including a place to enter your bio and other information for us to build your new CPT membership listing. These assets and benefits are for CPT members only and are in addition to the mentorship level courses. To access the CPT membership benefits … Read more CPT Membership

The Rapid Voicer Course

This voicing method was designed by my mentor Dr. Jack P. Hamilton. The Rapid Voicer System will revolutionize the way you approach voicing. This amazing new system makes service voicing attainable for all technicians. It is the only voicing method ever developed which contains precise and controlled elements for voicing a piano up or down … Read more The Rapid Voicer Course

Piano Tuning The Apex Way

NEW!  Exciting Online course with essays, videos, downloads, whiteboard theory lessons, and the roadmap to becoming a really good piano tuner!  Learn to tune a piano with an Electronic Tuning Device (ETD) Exactly the way professional piano tuners do it every day all over the world.  The majority of this course is taught on the Sanderson … Read more Piano Tuning The Apex Way

Catalyst Web Build and Boost

Take control and build and boost your own wordpress site for your local business this weekend! I have been frustrated in the past because I know I have a good product but I couldn’t get the momentum to make enough money to really thrive as a local business.  I know what if feels like to … Read more Catalyst Web Build and Boost