Are you a piano technician but need resources/training to help you grow your local business? 

Are you just starting out and need to learn more about becoming a piano tuner technician?

Are you a complete beginner who wants to explore the world of piano technology for fun or for a new career?   


We invite you to join the online Apex mentorship and ask your questions!  Right away you can start by watching the videos and courses on tuning, repair, regulation, voicing, business/marketing and more!  Everyone is welcome!

We teach in the studio and in the field the following topics from beginner to advanced 

  • Tuning
  • Repairs
  • Regulation
  • Voicing
  • Business and Marketing

The APTN mentorship and certification program are like nothing else found in the world of piano technology.  We show you the real behind the scenes life and work of real piano technicians working every day and making money while building profitable businesses.  

We help you learn and guide you through a no-nonsense and affordable certification which is yours for LIFE!  No yearly dues and no politics! (this is rare and awesome for the piano technology industry)  

Learn about your mentors.